But it can be confusing

It's not always the metrics that fail, but rather the execution. As the adage goes, "know your audience inside and out." But how? What sort of information do I really need?

Market Research

Learning your customers demographics and interests are only one part of it. You need to dig deeper.

Focus Groups

It's time consuming, expensive, and it may be just too small of a sample to get an accurate picture of who they are.

Trend Analysis

This may answer the problem people are facing, but not who needs it.

AI & Automation

Applying AI & Automation into your business, and life

I'm a firm believer that AI and automation can enhance the way you work and live. However, with a caveat, have reasonable expectations, and there is always a better way. That being said, have a goal and establish limitations.

"Marketing doesn't have to be hard."

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